Saturday, April 25, 2015

Myths of Real Estate: "It's all about the money!" - Part III

THE MYTH: "It's all about the money!" (the last bit...)

Real estate agents look at people and see dollar signs!


We see business opportunity everywhere and aim to develop that: Real estate agents must look for business regularly - part of this is obviously making sure every single person they know knows they are in the business, and asking for referrals or if they can help with a transaction.


You're NOT just a dollar sign to a broker! 

JOB SATISFACTION: Most of us choose this career in no small part because at its core, it involves helping people with one of the most important life events most of us experience. Here in Santa Fe, too, as independent contractors, we operate in a huge community of colleagues with whom we do compete for business, but more importantly, with whom we cooperate, spend time and learn from. Yes: we expect to be paid for our work, and we need to look for business! But consider a little of the inside picture:
  • When a Qualifying Broker stops a new agent to say she just received a call from the other agent in the new agent's first transaction, which has just closed, to tell the QB how professional, competent and pleasant that new agent was to work with, that praise is worth as much as the commission check. New agent wakes up ready to learn, work and thrive in her career the next day!
  • Better still is a buyer or seller sharing that they have had a great experience with you. Probably not every single agent cares, but I haven't yet met one who doesn't get enormous satisfaction from knowing they did the best possible job for their client.
Real Estate is not a "true" profession (as are medicine, law, teaching, etc.), but it is regulated, instructed and organized like one. And when we do this job correctly, our outcomes are usually positive - even if a deal falls through, or something else undesirable happens, doing the work the right way should always result in, at the very least, learning, protecting your client and gaining a loyal customer.

So, to wrap up this myth of real estate: I look at you - yes, you - and maybe I do see a dollar sign, because we talked about real estate, or renting, or moving... And I see someone I can definitely help, which is what I do well, to earn my living.

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